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Breastfeeding Resources:
Pumping At Work

Pumping Cheklist

Back To Work Pumping Checklist


One Time Purchase

  • Hands-free electric double pump

  • Pump parts (will vary depending on pump brand)

    • flange/connector (2+ sets)​

    • valves (2 sets)

    • membranes (2 sets + extras!)

    • tubing (1 set)

  • Collection containers (2+ sets)

  • Cooler (hand held for milk storage at work)

  • Ice packs (2+ sets)

  • Hands free pumping bra

  • Nursing bra

  • Cleaning brush (for bottles/pumping-parts)

  • Bottles/nipples (enough for 2+ days)

  • Car outlet adapter (if you plan on pumping in your car)

Monthly Purchase

  • Extra membranes (replace extras as you use them)

  • Storage bags (1 month supply)

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Sanitizing bags (if you are going to use these)

  • Dish soap

Daily Bag

  • Pump

  • Pump parts (1 set)

    • flange/connector​

    • valves with membranes

    • tubing

  • Collection containers (1 set)

  • Storage bags (for the week, pre initial/date)

  • Cooler

  • Ice packs

  • Hands free pumping bra

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Mini dish soap (for quick cleaning between pumps)

  • Pen/marker for labeling

  • Extra membranes

  • Extra storage bags



  • Put storage bags for the week in daily pumping bag - label with initials and date

  • Deep clean nipples/bottles/pump parts if you don't do this daily (dishwasher, boil, or steam)

  • Replace any extra supplies you used (membranes, storage bags)


  • Milk in refrigerator (as soon as you get home)

  • Prepare bottles for the next day

  • Label bottles, if needed

  • Clean dirty bottles/pump parts

    • I like to rinse and throw in dishwasher​

  • Pack pumping bag for next day

    • clean pump parts​

    • clean collection containers

  • Ice packs into freezer to refreeze

  • If you need any extra milk for next day, take out of freezer ASAP so ready to put into bottle

  • If you have extra milk (that you won't be using within the next 4 days), label and put into freezer

Before Leaving For Work

  • Freezer packs into cooler

  • Don't forget your bag at home!

Before Returning to Work To-Dos

One Month Before Returning To Work

  • Pumping location

  • Call your boss

  • Order supplies

  • Practice pumping

One Week Before Returning To Work

  • Create pumping schedule

  • Pack pumping bag

  • Evaluate milk stash

First Week Back To Work

  • Tweak pumping schedule

  • What can you accomplish while pumping?

  • After work/bottle cleaning routine

Pumping At Work
Sample Schedules

Pump At Work Schedules
Driving a Van

Pumping Commuters

For the mamas who have enough time/privacy to pump during their commute.  This is

great for adding extra pumping sessions in or cutting out a pumping session at work by

pumping in the car during your commute.

Pump/Nurse At Home

Pump In Car

Pump #1

@ work

Pump #2

@ Work


In car

Prep For Next Day






Milk in fridge, wash bottle/pump parts, put clean pump parts in work bag for next day

Working at Home

Pump At Work 3x/day

For the mamas who don't wish to or can't pump during their commute, and have the

opportunity to pump every 3 hours at work.


At Home

Pump #1

@ work

Pump #2 @ work

Pump #3

@ work


Prep For Next Day




(perhaps over a late lunch)



Milk in fridge, wash bottle/pump parts, put clean pump parts in work bag for next day

Office Workspace

No Break Pump Schedule

This schedule is ideal only if your baby eats big meals, less frequently (every 4 hours or so).  This will also work for moms who find it impossible to take breaks during the work day (i.e. days are full of in-person meetings that can't be rescheduled).  This schedule is better as an exception rather than your normal pumping routine.  Rather, sneaking away for a quick 5-10 minute pump is better than going long between pumping sessions.

Pump/Nurse At Home


In Car


@ Lunch


In Car


Prep For Next Day






Milk in fridge, wash bottle/pump parts, put clean pump parts in work bag for next day

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