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 Individualized, 1:1 coaching

with your sleep coach Katie

for children ages 4-12 months


Available to begin anytime

1:1 Coach Baby

Testimonial statement


teach your baby to fall asleep independently

teach your baby to sleep 10-12 hours in the crib overnight

address night wakings

address early morning wakings

wean night feedings, if/when appropriate

eliminate non-necessary milk/bottle feedings overnight

establish a nap schedule and routine

customize a plan that fits best for your family

handle set backs, leaps, travel, and illness

Sleeping Like a Baby

Katie's Thoughts on Sleep Training

Teaching your baby to sleep well can be challenging. 

Your baby is (quite literally) constantly growing and developing during the first year. 

As your baby develops, your strategies for helping your baby learn to sleep will also grow and develop alongside your little one.

Adapting how your help your baby at bedtime, overnight wakings, and naps is an important part of learning to sleep well. 


Sleep during the first year can go sideways for a variety of reasons... developmental changes and leaps, an illness, vacation, maybe your child has always had a hard time falling or staying asleep, or perhaps you are just ready for your child to sleep differently than in the past. 


How we improve your child's sleep partially depends on your child's specific challenges. 


However, there are some basic principles that guide everything I teach.

My Guiding Principles for Sleep Training

Evidence Based, I'm a nurse, everything I recommend is based off science

Practical, I'm a mom, I know that parents need to know exactly what to do, and then exactly what to do if/when the first plan doesn't work

Gradual, small challenges each week, to gradually transfer the responsibility from you putting your babe to sleep to your babe putting him or herself to sleep/back to sleep

Available, the more involved you are with your babe falling asleep at bedtime and overnight, the more sleep challenges your baby will have, however as we teach your babe to sleep better, you will be available and present at predictable times to offer assistance and support

Crying, will occur as your baby protests the change from a familiar routine, but I will show you how to gradually teach your babe to accept less and less help, and we will gradually wean your assistance away, I do not use the cry-it-out method

Positive, my mommy heart guides all recommendations I make, positive and supportive interactions are always the way

Online Teacher


Ideal to begin this course if...

  • your child is 4-12 month old

  • you are having challenges with bedtime, overnight wakings, early morning wakings, or naps

  • you are ready to limit/wean overnight feedings, as appropriate

  • you want to transition your child from bedsharing with you to sleeping in a crib

1:1 Coaching includes...

  • 1:1 intake call with Katie to review a typical day for your family, discuss your challenges, and share your goals

  • An individualized plan for your family based on your challenges and goals

  • Weekly phone calls to review your successes and challenges, answer your questions, provide practical solutions for your challenges (6 total)

  • Type notes from weekly phone calls

  • Unlimited text/email support

  • Troubleshooting guides for sleep during illness, vacation, developmental leaps, and setbacks


Common Questions

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Born Happy Sleep Coach
Born Happy Sleep Coach
Born Happy Sleep Coach
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