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Arts and Crafts

I love Melissa and Doug products in general, and these stamps are no exception.  They are well made, include a variety of cute stamps, and come with colored pencils and a stamp pads, so your little one is ready to get busy as soon as this is opened.

I found a variation of this product (same brand) at Costco and snuck it into my bag of tricks for an airplane ride this past summer.  My kids loved it and it did its job during our travels.  It is easy for toddlers to use as you can push a button on the bottom to prevent accidental erasing.

Pictured here is the same product but with color and stencils!  Whether you travel, have long car rides to and from daycare each day, or need to keep your kiddo entertained during church, this is a super fun non-electronic option for helping keep your little one happy.

Our "kid table" is a sanity-saver in our house. 

Whether my kiddos eat dinner, do art, or play (a little too roughly) at this table, I don't wince, not even a bit.  This is their table, and although we treat all of our things we respect, I don't have to worry if marker runs through a piece of paper, if play-doh gets stuck to the surface, or if I forget to clean the dried yogurt off the leg of the table for a few days.  This is a place where kids can be kids, and they love it.  So do I.  Plus the little chairs are just so darn cute.

Raise your hand if your toddler begs you to do art every day.  Now raise your hand if you prefer to have options so you aren't stuck coloring pictures from the Paw Patrol coloring book every day. 


Play-doh is great for kids of all ages (1-99).  I can really get into making creations when we get the play-doh out.  We all enjoy picking out our own special colors, so we love this variety pack.  Just get some play-doh tools and shape cutters and you will be set for an afternoon of creativity.

This is a really awesome collection of stencils.  So much variety, good quality, and it has a case!

If your kiddo enjoys drawing or coloring, this is a must have.

Love this Melissa and Doug coloring book.  The pages are big and the pictures are fun and different.  Its sometimes refreshing to have a coloring book that doesn't have characters splattered all over it. 


There are many themed books to choose from.

Because the big boxes have the best colors, a built in sharpener on the back, and every kid needs a fresh box of crayons every once in a while.

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