Best 2017 Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

It's that time again... when twinkling lights line the streets, aromas of gingerbread fill the air, and parents and kids alike are giddy about surprising their loved ones with a special gift.

Sifting through endless isles of toys or scrolling through the pages upon page of toys on Amazon can take the fun out of gift-giving.

I have listed all of my favorite toddler gifts here with links for purchase to make your holiday shopping easy.

Happy Holidays!


Outdoor Favorites: Toddler Gift Guide

Whether its summer or winter, sweating in tank tops and shorts, or red-nosed despite jackets, hats, and gloves, my kids love to play outside. Some of my all-time favorite gifts to give are outdoor toys since they tend to get a ton of use and encourage the kiddos to be active and get fresh air. The first gift listed here is my most favorite outdoor toy ever and in my opinion totally worth the investment. Check it out!

Arts and Crafts Favorites: Toddler Gift Guide

My kids will spend hours doing arts and crafts. In fact, I often encourage this as an option during "quiet time" so mama can get some quiet time of her own, as it works like a charm. Check out some of our favorites.

Using Your Imagination: Toddler Gift Guide

Kids learn through play. In fact, research shows that having unstructured play each day not only helps kids learn, but also uses up a tremendous amount of pent up energy and can improve their behavior. Cheers to that!

Stocking Stuffers: Toddler Gift Guide

I try not to overthink stocking stuffers. Kids love little things. Even if they are things they need (socks) or use all the time (crayons). My most favorite idea this year for a little girl's stocking stuffer is the very last item on this list. If you have a little girl, you will definitely want to give this item a shot (and you will never go back).

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Katie Ramirez is a Registered Nurse, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Coach for parents of babies and toddlers. She has spent more than a decade serving patients at major university hospitals such as Vanderbilt University and Penn State University Medical Centers. Katie now spends her time supporting and empowering parents of babies and toddlers as owner and Coach for Born Happy.

Katie is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Roberto (age 4), and Veronica (age 2). She has a passion for health, wellness, and happy children, and believes that, with the necessary knowledge and support, all parents can live happy.

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