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Imagination Gifts for Toddlers

This kitchen is the heart of our playroom.  My kids love to wash their hands, cook on the stove, store things in the refrigerator, and prepare "feasts" for anyone who is willing to sit and enjoy the food they've prepared.  

Assembly took my husband and I about an hour or so, and was not too painful.  It is great quality for the price and has held up perfectly despite the many hours of toddler food preparation it has endured.

This shopping cart, and its contents are, hands down,  the #1 most used toys in our house. 


This looks like a regular ol' shopping cart, but it makes daily transformations into a variety of other very imaginative things... like a car for taking trips to the grocery store, an airplane for taking trips to see gram and pappy, and a stroller for pushing around stuffed animals.  Oh, and my favorite, a storage container for all of the kitchen supplies.

We have had countless hours of play with this toy and it really shows no signs of wear.  I prefer a plastic cart over the metal ones because my kids can push it around without damaging the floors, the walls, or themselves.  The metal ones seem a little too heavy duty for inside play, in my opinion.

Of course with a kitchen and a shopping cart comes the food that makes the magic happen. 


This food is the best quality play food I have come across yet.  It has a little give to it, but it doesn't squeeze like the super thin plastic foods (which then crack and break).


Also, I love the variety of fruits and vegetables that come in this set (plums, apricots, cabbage!)... and, that they are... fruits and vegetables!  Yay for making healthy foods the foods our kids see and play with every day.

Sometimes you just don't buy the favorite toy at your neighbors house because you want it to remain fun, special, and keep your kids entertained while they are playing next door, so you and your friends can have adult time. 

A toy that is educational, keeps my kids playing nicely together, and entertains them is a friend of mine.  Yay for felt money!

Bags are a lot of fun.  Especially if they have sparkles.  

While I love this glittery purse for little girls, I also love the fun bags for girls made by JCrew.  

This ball pit is a fun little hideaway, or a maze to crawl through that has been up in our playroom for years. 

I love that we can use just a couple pieces at a time or collapse it all down to be stored behind a bookshelf to make new space if need be. 


Be sure to buy some extra balls to put in the ball pit though, as it comes with just a small bag of balls (that are pretty flimsy).  Still a great deal for the price.  There are also sets available with more pieces.

A blast from the past!


Playmobile toys were super popular when my husband and I were kids.  In fact, my kids were introduced to playmobile when my husband gifted his old fire truck to my son a couple years ago.  We all fell in love (or back in love) with these toys and have since added some of the newer versions to our collection, which did not disappoint.


Playmobile toys are like a mix between lego and a more structured toys.  Some of the pieces can be taken off and put back on, but the bulk of it is all put together.  The sets come with little people and accessories depending on the theme.  There are lots of themed sets to choose from.

LOVE Jellyact stuffed animals.  They are the softest, and cutest stuffed animals around, in my opinion, of course. 


There are lots of options on types of animals, and multiple sizes to choose from.  If you are looking for a special stuffed animal to be used as a lovey, or for a gift, look no further.  

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