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Katie has helped us so much over last few months as we’ve worked through many sleep challenges with our son. We reached out to Katie when our son was just 5 months old and were feeling so desperate for rest. He was waking 3-4 times a night at that point.
Katie eased us in slowly and was really accommodating to my preferences of taking it really slow. She gave us manageable goals to work towards each week.  We also really loved that she has a nursing background and was so helpful in many areas beyond just sleep.
Through the many hurdles of travel, teething, sleep regression, and much more, Katie helped us stay on track and we’ve seen such improvement! Our now 9 month old, sleeps about 11 hours most nights! We feel like we have a such a better understanding of what his needs are and how to help him have the best sleep so he continues to thrive.  Our sanity, our marriage, and our ability to parent have all improved so much over these last few months. Sleep is so necessary not just for baby, but also for parents and caretakers. I highly recommend getting help if you’re struggling. It’s worth it for your physical and mental health. Thank you Katie! We appreciate you!

September, 2021
Erin Fox

Nashville, TN

Katie is an angel! She is so kind and bases all of her methods and recommendations on extensive research. My husband and I were starting to think we were never going to sleep again with our second, but I’m so thankful I found Katie to rescue us! She gave us very simple methods/tips that were easy to implement...and she always made sure that we were comfortable with what she was recommending and that every approach was age appropriate for our baby. She helped us feel like confident parents again! Our house is MUCH happier and rested now after our six week guidance from Katie. Do not feel like a failure if you need help from someone! Katie will give you the tools and confidence to teach your child to sleep. We would highly recommend!

October 20, 2018
Amy Hand

Nashville, TN

I spent WEEKS researching different sleep consultants, both near and far, and could not find a single one that believed Cry It Out method (CIO) did not work for all babies. Enter Katie. From our very first conversation, she reiterated to me that every baby, every family is different and has different goals. She worked with us to find a sleep training plan that fit us AND our son, not the other way around. After less than 2 weeks, my son (7months at the time) went from sleeping 2 and 3 hour stretches with maximum involvement from us (think walking, swaying, shhhh-ing, rocking, bouncing...sometimes all at once!) to sleeping an 8 hour stretch (then back down for 4 more hours) with minimal involvement from us (most times simply holding was enough.) Within 3 weeks from meeting Katie, my son started sleeping through the night 100%. 7:30pm-7:30am, without waking. He quickly preferred to put himself to bed over snuggles with us. At more than 3 months later, he still takes 1:30-2hr naps 2x a day in his crib AND sleeps peacefully through the night. He wakes up happy each sleep session and loves his sleep. Thank you, Katie!!

August 29, 2018
Christine Cloaninger

Clarksville, TN

Katie is wonderful! We would absolutely work with her again, and recommend her to friends. We saw immediate results, but Katie was also there to help with hiccups along the way--- always fast and thorough with her communication and making sure we felt good about our plan and progress. Thank you, Katie!


March 23, 2018
Kelly Simmons

Nashville, TN

We were at our witts end with our one year olds sleep patterns of waking up to nurse and needing us to put him back to sleep and Katie helped us form a realistic plan that helped teach him how to soothe himself. He did a 180 very quickly. We are so thankful for her expertise in this arena. If your on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret it! Thanks Katie!

December 29, 2017
Jenni Bolton

Hendersonville, TN

Katie goes above and beyond to help her clients.  Our son would not go to sleep in his own bed or go to sleep without one of us in his room.   Now my husband and I have time to ourselves each night because our son goes down on his own with no fuss!!!  Miracle worker!

October 24, 2017
Megan Moody

Nashville, TN

Katie wanted to know my goals and helped me achieve them.  I didn't know what to expect or what was 'normal' and she coached me through all my concerns and struggles.  It's also comforting to know that I always have the option of reaching out to someone who has the latest, evidenced-based knowledge.  Katie provided specific and individualized plans and answers.  And it removes the craziness and uncertainty of getting information from the internet.  Also, as a sleep deprived mom who is in school and soon to be back to work, she saved me precious time from having to do research and reading up on everything!

July 7, 2017
Rose Speaker

Los Angelos, CA

We were referred to Katie from close friends that raved about how much Katie helped them with their children and sleeping schedule. We were not disappointed!!! Kate was fantastic! From the very first conversation, she was supportive, educational and empowering. She gave us strategies on how to begin the sleeping process and encouraged us along the way. We went from our son sleeping in our bed every night to now he knows the routine and is proud of himself for sleeping in his own bed!! Thank you so much Katie!!

April 5, 2020
Shelby Sookdeo

Homestead, FL

Katie gave us all sorts of helpful guidance and key strategies for addressing multiple night wakings and lots of toddler sleep challenges. Our 3.5 yo now stays in his room and is learning how to get himself back to sleep without running for a parent every two hours. We are VERY grateful !

November 25, 2020
Natasha Scotnicki

Cambridge, MA

Katie is so dedicated to helping your family and what is best for your specific needs. She has been a huge support for toddler behavior and sleep!

June 24, 2019
Kathleen Penny

Nashville, TN

Katie was a true professional. Our 4 year old daughter was a challenge at bedtime and I really began to think there was no hope. Katie was available all the time and was a wealth of knowledge. Our daughter made huge improvements...while her sleep issues are not 100 percent solved...I would say they are 80 percent resolved and I have hope for the future.

December 31, 2018
Natalie Embry

Nashville, TN

Our son had a difficult time as a 2 1/2 year old staying in bed. Katie helped us tremendously! Our son went from hysterically crying and screaming at bed time to quiet. Katie meet us where we were as a family and provided us with great recommendations. We needed the whole length of the session to see change but it was so worth it!

June 12, 2018
Erin Dorgan

Germantown, TN

Where do we even begin? Like most first time parents, we were ignorant and beyond exhausted. We gained so much confidence in working with Katie and now have a very happy baby boy who loves to sleep! We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend her services!

March 15, 2018
Heather Sullins

White House, TN

Katie was so attentive through our infant sleep problems. She texted and called regularly and I felt like I wasn't going through it alone. She adjusted her recommendations based on our needs. Highly recommend!


March, 2018
Joni Lee
Nashville, TN

Katie was extremely helpful to my husband and I and is a pro at teaching sleeping skills for little ones. She was a blessing to our family.

January 18, 2018
Rebekah Ann Clements

White House, TN

I recommend Katie to all my mom-friends! We were finding it difficult to get our son to transition from bottle to cup and from purees to solid foods. It was so helpful to have an expert meet with us face-to-face and give individualized recommendations  versus general information that just wasn't working. Within a week or two he was eating and drinking like a pro! Katie is friendly, professional and experienced, and it's clear that she truly cares about helping the families she works with. 

March 18, 2017
Kelly Bierman
Franklin, TN

We had a wonderful experience with Katie from Born Happy. She spent a good amount of time assessing our situation and provided thoughtful and thorough feedback.  She followed up with us and made herself available if questions came up.  We have had good results using her recommendations and would call on her again if we needed help!


April 13, 2017
Lindsay R

San Diego, CA

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