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Baby Coach Bundle

Baby Coach Bundle


Coaching and support for 12 weeks on all things baby including eating, breastfeeding, sleeping, fussing/crying, developing.  Includes unlimited phone/email support, unlimited virtual lactation counseling, and access to Parenting Toolkit.



    Sleeping: sleep through the night, bedtime routines, sleep safety, naps

    Eating: signs of hunger/fullness, transitioning to solids, sample menus, transition to cup

    Fussing/Crying: causes of fussing, soothing baby, separation anxiety

    Developing: tummy time, age appropriate activities, social skills, sign language



    In-Home Visit: twice to offer coaching and support

    Phone/Email Support: 12 weeks

    Unlimited Virtual Lactation Counseling

    Access to Parenting Toolkit: 12 weeks


    Born Happy offers a full refund for services that are cancelled prior to use.

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